Aperitivo Royale

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Balanced Bitterness with Touch of Spice & Sweetness

Inspired by our passion for European apéritifs, Aperitivo Royale is an Italian liqueur infused with Elora Distilling Co.’s handcrafted zest.

Made with 100% real fruit and spices, this accessible and distinct liqueur has a subtle yet balanced bitterness, slight sweetness and a light mouthfeel. It boasts grapefruit and sweet orange peels, lemon peel, gentian, cassia and cinchona bark, locally-grown sumac and a touch of anise. Its rich, pink-orange hue adds European flair and freshness to any glass and Aperitivo Royale is the perfect summer addition to spritzes, negronis and paper planes.

500mL // 15% ABV

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