Gin Sampler 3-pack

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Find your new favourite gin by trying out our 3 most popular gins in convenient and cute 200ml bottles! The perfect gift for the gin lover in your life, or a great treat for yourself! 

Citrus Pink: A refreshing gin made with a bold blend of bitter orange, sweet orange, lemon and lots of tangerine, with a touch of sugar to further bring out the citrus notes. Presented in a stunning pink colour to liven up your cocktail. 40% alc./vol.

Martini Gin #1: Our flagship London dry style gin, made to be full-bodied. It has notes of juniper and citrus on the front of your palate and finishes with cardamom, coriander, and cinnamon. Great for Martinis and G&Ts! 40% alc./vol.

Juniperus Maximus: Made for true juniper fans. We macerate the juniper for a full 48 hours in our alcohol before it is run through our gin still (the Queen Mum). It's a bit cloudy because of all the juniper oils that transfer during the distillation. Makes the most amazing G&T! 40% alc./vol.


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