Local Focus, Grain to Glass

We began our distillery with the commitment to source our ingredients locally, as much as we can. The grains that we make all our alcohol from are grown by local Ontario farmers. We get them from Nieuwland Mills right here in Elora.

We hired our friend Gloria and her husband Dave to create a market garden for us. From this garden, we harvest many of the fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are in our liqueurs and cordials.

This includes strawberries, rhubarb, raspberries, elderflowers, dill, and maple syrup. As well, they are tending a small juniper grove of 30 trees, where we hope to collect juniper berries for our gin starting in 2021.
You can taste the freshness in every dram of our products.

Our distiller adding grain to the still

Our team takes these fresh ingredients and hand-crafts each batch of spirits from scratch. Attention to flavour, colour and aroma at every step of the process allows us to create a superior product. 

Our distillers sampling whiskey