Amethyst Cosmo        $10.99  

Amethyst Vodka, Triple Sec, White Cranberry Juice, Lime Juice

Elora Sunset               $10.99    

Martini Gin #1, Triple Sec, Strawberry Liqueur, Orange San Pellegrino

Moscow Mule          $10.99

Komrad Vodka, Lemon, Ginger Beer

Spicy Caesar              $10.99 

St. George Spicy Caesar Vodka,    Clamato Juice, Worcestershire, Celery

Maple Fizz                $10.99       

Sugar Maple, Pommies Hard Cider

Pink Fizz                     $10.99          

Citrus Pink Gin, Triple Sec, Lime Juice, Soda Water

Kir Royale                 $10.99  

Sparkling Rose, Cassis Liqueur

Mini Cocktail Flight    $15.99        

Choose any 3 cocktails not including daily specials

Elora Brewing Co.         $7.99 Beer

Ask your server for our select options

Soft Drinks                     $2.89                           

Coca Cola, Sprite, San Pellegrino (ask for flavours), Ginger Ale, Iced Tea



CranBudapest Hotel     $14.99    

Martini Gin #1, Cranberry Rosemary Simple Syrup, Lime Juice

Bonnie & Clyde           $14.99      

Citrus Pink Gin, Ginger Wildflower Simple Syrup, Lemon Juice, Egg White & topped with Pommies

The Dalby                     $14.99               

Great Expectations Gin, Cassis Liqueur, Triple Sec, Lemon Juice

Amaretto Sour             $14.99          

Amaretto, Simple Syrup, Lemon Juice, garnished with maraschino cherries

Martini                      $14.99                                

Your choice of Vodka or Gin, shaken or stirred

Whiskey Sour              $14.99          

Royal Amber Rye, Simple Syrup, Lemon Juice

Daily Cocktails            $14.99

Ask your server for daily specials



Cheesy Ranch Popcorn  $1.99

A light savoury snack with our special flavour blend to go with that perfect cocktail.

Sugar Maple Nut Mix    $8.99

A sweet with a little heat nut mix with flavours of our Sugar Maple liqueur.

Pita Chips with 3 Dips    $8.99  

Crisp seasoned pita chips along with a selection of 3 tasty dips.

Olive Cheese Bread with Tapenade   $9.99                    

Delicious warm olive cheese bread with an olive tapenade spread.

Charcuterie Board         $19.99

A daily selection of local cheeses and meats with a little bit of this and that!